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About the Pine Street Journal

The Pine Street Journal, as it is developed by an amateur investor and by no means offers 'Expert' advise, should be considered as such.  The opinions are completely my own.   My advise is worth every penny you pay for it.  Keep in mind that it is free.  :)  I am also of the opinion that most 'Expert' advise is also worth as much or less.  :(  The best I can do for you is to report on what I am actually buying/selling and why, and also to report truthfully on the outcomes.  Note that the DIY Portfolio that I report on is a subset of my personal portfolio separated out into it's own brokerage account, so that I can easily highlight where I have been successful and where I have failed.  By holding these in a separate portfolio and starting completely from Cash, I plan to avoid cherry picking my successes which is what you will typically get from your work mates, friends, other showoffs (Like myself) as you talk around the water cooler.
Who am I?
  • Born in 1966.
  • I hold a full time job in Information Technology.
  • Finance, Economics, and Investing for me is a true obsession but I only manage my own accounts.
  • I have been investing since graduating college in 1989.
  • I've had my share of great successes and crushing blows.
  • My investments are primarily Stocks, Mutual Funds, and ETF's but my wife and I also own an investment property.
  • If I can beat the major index's even by a little I consider it a successful year.
  • I typically make between 15 and 30 trades within a year.
  • I rarely trade options but have on occasion and will not rule it out.