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Poor Richard's Financial Strategies
Strategies of an Amateur Investor

An Amateurs Experiment in Personal Finance

This site offers an experimental view into personal finance, highlighting both successful and not so successful strategies applied in real life via my own personal experience.  My goal is to share my knowldge and learn from you.  So please leave feedback.  I hope to force discipline upon my own investment approach through this  publication and possible review by you.  I welcome feedback just as I hope that my experiences might help you with your own investment strategies.  
In writing Stock reviews, I have discovered that documenting my evaluations takes much much longer than performing them, so please forgive me when I am concise (ok...and sloppy) only including details that I find most important.  If you have any questions, just contact me and I'll be glad to respond.
As amateur investors, I believe that we have some advantages over the Pro's which I will highlight in a soon-to-be article.  They also have many, many advantages over us so as an investor, I try to taylor my investment style to where the advantages are in my favor.
Disclaimer:  The statements on this site are only personal opinions.  These opinions are not investment advice.  You should not make financial decisions based on these opinions without doing your own research or consulting with a professional.